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40 Years In The Making of Restopedic


Restopedic has been in business since 1981 where it started

in a garage in Naugatuck Ct. The company bought all the components including the quilted panels and boarders using limited machinery. As the company's business grew they moved to a larger location in Naugatuck Ct. and bought their first quilting machine. This first machine had to do double duty; it quilted both the panels and the boarders. It was in 1984 when the company relocated to there present location in Bethany Ct. The business keep growing until again in 1994  they bought the second quilting machine to save time and ultimately money by using the first machine to quilt boarders and the second machine to quilt panels which limited the number of times the settings had to be changed. It was also 1994 that Joe Soares came to partner with Joe DaSilva in the company when Sealy Mattress closed its Oakville Ct. location. They started in Sealy Mattress , Joe DaSilva worked there for 10 years and Joe Soares worked there for 25 years together they have 98   years of experience.  They are both hands on owners, Joe Soares supervises the factory and he also maintains and repairs the machinery.  Joe DaSilva takes care of inventory and ordering all components needed for mattress making, seeing customers on our wholesale side and works in the factory on special projects such as boat or RV mattresses unique in size and shape. They believe in old school business ethics give the customer a quality product at a reasonable cost and pair it all up with outstanding customer service.

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